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Nov 23

Using Data to Solve Customer Service Problems

By: Tony Catone

using data to solve customer service problems


You already know data can be used to grow your business, driving all the aspects of your company forward successfully. But did you know your data can help you maintain customer satisfaction, solve customer service problems, and help your business develop healthy customer relationships? 


On top of that, all that data you collect regularly can help you gain a better understanding of workloads and increase efficiency. Plus, with data, you can enhance brand experience and grow customer communities. You data helps you fuel your company’s growth in so many ways, but do you realize you can also use data to solve customer service problems. Here’s how.

An Abundance of Data

an abundance of data


Your customers are frequently online – at work, at home, at school, and more –  creating data. In fact, the latest estimates indicate more than 2.5 quintillion bytes is created daily. Having so much data at hand, should mean businesses know their audiences and what those audience members want, but in fact the reverse seems to be true as nearly half of consumers are annoyed by advertising whether on social media or company websites.


Even so, there is hope. The beauty is that abundance of data can be used to develop better customer experiences, thus solving customer service issues often before they become real problems. 

Meeting Customer Expectations 

meeting customer expectations


Your customers have certain expectations from your customer services department. They don’t want to want to be transferred from person to person as they answer the same questions with no solution in sight. This only builds frustration, hinders communication, and obstructs service. Plus, it also makes developing the customer relationship improbable, if not impossible. 


Today’s data is valuable, even priceless, with the proper analytics. The latest technologies – machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) – mean greater understanding and deeper insights to improve the customer experience. 


By integrating your customer service across all your channels, you can gain a multi-dimensional picture or your customer and how to meet his or her needs and expectations. With this approach, you know not only what they have purchased, but how they want to be contacted and communicate, how loyal they are as well as what warranties they have, and even how influential they are on social channels. 


You can use this data to improve your customer service by closing the divide between what you believe your company offers in the way of customer service and your customers perception of that service. 


Take a close look at how many customer service request your company receives on a daily basis, compared to the number of resolved requests, the wait time, and the average close time. In doing so, you will glean the needed information to enhance your strategy and solve your customer service problems. 

Practical Application to Customer Service Problems

practical application of data to customer service problems


Using your data wisely can help keep customers on the line. Customers don’t want to wait for the needed information or to have their questions answered. 


A tool websites can utilize for gathering feedback data and providing customer service information are chatbots. Chatbots create effective feedback for genuine customer service personnel. They can also answer simple inquiries, and collect data to train human customer service personnel to answer complex queries. Plus, chatbots free up the well-trained humans to answer questions effectively and improve customer experiences.


Exceptional customer service representation can set you apart from the competition, particularly when you provide an easy to use customer service platform that is engaging and seamless. Customers want solutions quickly, but they also want consistency and a knowledgeable staff across all your platforms – email, text, social media, live chat, and phone calls. 


Data collection, analytics, and AI can help guide your customers to the right customer service agent for their issue. Doing so keeps your customer satisfied and your customer service personal engaged, efficient, and productive. 

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As your business works to communicate more effectively with your customers, your data can help improve customer relationships through exceptional customer service. 


If you need guidance in using your abundance of data to solve customer service problems, UNIM is ready to provide custom solutions designed exclusively for your business.  Contact us today.