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Oct 18

How to Build an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

By: Tony Catone

Consumers require a seamless and personalized content experience. Companies must provide consumers with this experience through content that is consistent with their brand voice. Consistent content engages audiences and creates a positive experience that builds trust with consumers and an effective content marketing strategy helps the entire organization stay current and productive.

Many businesses are lacking in their current content marketing strategy due to issues in-house. Content issues can result from poor organization, lack of communication, and/or inadequate technology systems. These issues lead to decreased trust and revenue.

Essential Content Marketing Strategy Tips

The following information will examine why businesses are falling short in their current content marketing strategies. We will also explore ways to build an effective content marketing chain that delivers quality, engaging content that is consistent with brand voice.


tips to build content marketing strategy

Lack of organization is a critical issue for many agencies in their content delivery chain. There are several teams involved in content creation, these may include:

  • Email Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Creative Team
  • SEO Team
  • Content Writer
  • Editors
  • Other Professionals

Issues arise when there is no clear communication between these departments and each job does not understand its role. This has the potential to lead to jobs not completed, time wasted, and incorrect and/or inconsistent content creation.


how to set up a good content marketing strategy

It is important for each department to understand its role in content creation. There must be adequate training performed that sets clear guidelines and expectations for each department worker. There should be programs in place that allow team members to revisit their roles and job requirements.

Team members should also be educated regarding the roles of other departments to better understand the content chain operations. This will help team members fulfill their specific roles efficiently and successfully. There are programs that allow workers to track their progress and share projects with other individuals.

Workflow Communication

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One reason that workflow disconnection occurs is because of varying software between departments. This further exacerbates organizational issues by creating communication and ownership barriers.

The content that is created is likely to be inconsistent with brand voice if departments are not able to share their work and communicate effectively. Companies must connect their technology workflows so that each team can work together effectively.

For example, let’s say that an email notifies a consumer of a sale, but the in-store ads feature a different sale. This inconsistency confuses consumers and creates distrust with your brand. This could also lead to incorrect information reaching consumers.

Additional Content Marketing Strategy Tips

tips on content marketing strategy

The following tips can help your business provide consumers with consistent content that is in line with your brand.

Universal Content

One wise method of content creation is to create small pieces of content, written or visual, that can be used universally. Focusing on this type of content allows your brand to stay consistent through sharing on various platforms.

Implementing this strategy allows for improvement in content workflow, speed, and the ability to create content on a larger scale.


Regularly scheduled workplace meetings should take place for teams to discuss their roles, progress, and share knowledge of current projects.

Teams should also discuss any issues in communications or other processes that can be potentially damaging.


Companies must invest in technology that creates a seamless workflow. The content chain should flow efficiently, with each team member fulfilling their specific role, and understanding the next individual’s role. This will create a seamless content experience of consistent content for consumers.

Project Management Software

content management software types

Companies need to use the same software throughout their departments to ensure proper communication as part of their content marketing strategy. Using advanced project management software allows departments to share the same data and content across departments. This allows provides each worker with the tools needed to understand their role in the content creation chain.

Adequate software allows businesses to:

  •       Manage Workflow
  •       House Client Data
  •       Track Questions

UNIM, by Exults, is a scalable, efficient, and all-inclusive project management system that allows users across departments to communicate on the same platform.

Contact UNIM

The team at Exults Digital Marketing Agency developed UNIM in-house to eliminate previous content chain issues. Exults operates with over six departments with UNIM, allowing seamless communications, workflows, and advanced organization.

UNIM is ever-evolving and crucial for today’s digital-based world. New features and tools are regularly added to keep businesses one step ahead of their competitors.

Visit them on their website to learn more about affordable, effective, content management solutions for your business.