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About Us

Designed and built by the team at Exults, UNIM is version 2.0 of our homegrown project management system ARC. As a boutique agency with six separate but integrated departments, we needed a way to manage workflow, house client data, keep track of the flurry of questions and requests that come in hourly. After trying out several existing softwares, we gave up and built our own.

After growing ARC’s functionality, adding newer and better tools and features, and demanding more from our software over the years, the time came to give it an overhaul. Enter: UNIM. The younger, smarter, prettier version of ARC. Built to scale, UNIM has been working for us for over three years with new features being added all the time.

UNIM is a business solution that’s designed to make your work life easier. Yes, it is a project management system. And yes, it is a customer relationship management tool. But it’s also way more. Learn how UNIM can help you work smarter.

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