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Sep 19

Why Use UNIM’s Marketing Automation System?

By: Tony Catone

Marketing Automation System


Marketing Automation Systems are software systems created to automate a company’s marketing efforts, helping marketing activities work better, faster, and more effectively. A great Marketing Automation System should drive success for you and your business. Because marketing tasks are often repetitive such as regular posting to social media, email marketing campaigns, and advertising, efficiency and personalization are needed. UNIM is a business management tool developed to meet your needs!

Choosing a Marketing Automation System

Ideally, the Marketing Automation System you select should deliver ease-of-use software with a well-developed strategy that helps you target your audience with custom content, ultimately converting potential customers to life-long customers. This means marketing generates leads which in turn generate customers. Of course, that is a simplistic illustration, because your Marketing Automation System should do more by helping you build long term relationships with those customers. Once you have gained a customer, they shouldn’t become an afterthought, but instead, each customer should be nurtured so they remain loyal customers and advocates for your brand.

The truth is, while Marketing Automation Systems have grown quite popular, they often fall short. Marketers gather automated lists of new prospects and begin the process while overlooking inbound leads and thus fails at nurturing long-term customer relationships.

In order to succeed, a marketing automation system must not only generate leads and grow the customer base but also create a positive and effective experience that meets individual client needs with valuable content and beneficial touchpoints. If not done effectively, friction is created in which sales are halted and customer relationships are stressed.

Why Choose UNIM’s Marketing Automation System?

At UNIM, we understand the power of marketing automation, as well as all the nuances that make it effective for your business. UNIM has created a high-touch customer acquisition strategy that helps you stay in contact with your prospects and existing customers in a way that is both cost-efficient and easy.

With UNIM’s Marketing Automation System, you can focus your attention on growing your business through proprietary methods:

  • Direct mail fulfillment– Reaching customers offline as easily as those online – no one is left out of the loop
  • Email notifications– Offers integration with popular marketing platforms to create and customize your lists effectively.
  • SMS messaging– Reaching out to your customers with a simple click, notifying them in real time for sales, announcements, special offers, appointments, and follow-ups

Each component of the Marketing Automation System is pay-as-you-go making it an affordable and effective marketing tool for your company.

The results of using UNIM’s Marketing Automation System are clear. You gain increased customer retention, enhanced insights into the customer psyche through efficient data reporting, elevated customer satisfaction through improved communication, and enhanced business performance via your UNIM-inspired elevated marketing efforts.

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