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Aug 13

How to Communicate with Your Clients While Social Distancing

By: Tony Catone

The first wave of COVID-19 gave the world a new normal filled with masks, frequent hand-washing, remote work, virtual school, unprecedented stay at home orders, and social distancing. Even as communities begin the reopening phases, a second wave threatens leaving mask mandates and continued social distancing in its wake. Businesses everywhere find themselves striving to learn new ways to communicate effectively with their clients while social distancing. 


Times are challenging thus far, but your business can continue successfully communicating with clients in a personal way with the help of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to streamline communications. Follow these simple steps to keep the lines of communication open with your clients!

Communicate How Your Business is Adapting for Safety and Customer Service

Social distancing helps customer relationship management


In these uncertain times, your clients and target audience want to know what your business is doing to maintain high levels of customer service, quality offerings, safety and security. Be proactive in communicating how you are adapting your business model during social distancing and mask mandates. Let your clients know you are open for business and spell out the procedures you are taking to ensure their safety and maintain customer confidence. 


You also want to communicate this to potential new clients as well. Make sure your safety response is easily visible on all your communications from social media to your website, your brick and mortar space to your emails and written correspondence. Your clients should be able to easily access your company’s commitment to safety and preserving their health and well-being.   

Utilize Social Media for Effective Communication with Clients

CRM provides safe and reliable customer service

Social Media platforms are an exceptional communication vehicle your business likely already utilizes, and your customers and clients are spending more time there than ever before. Optimizing your social media channels allows you to promote your business, create conversations, build customer relationships, and enhance brand recognition. 


Take the time to learn your industry’s best promotional tactics to build engagement with your target audience on social media channels. Encourage your employees, loyal customers, friends, and family members to like and share your posts. You can also share your photos and videos of your team members working while social distancing and following the protocols you have in place or customer safety. 

Use CRM to Your Advantage

CRM grows business during 2020


Targeting prospective new customers often requires a time-consuming manual process to identify new clients. Instead, your company can integrate CRM solutions automated with a built-in relationship program. The program identifies the potential client’s details and links them directly to your sales team. Your sales staff can then communicate effectively with prospective clients, all while maintaining social distancing protocols and ensuring everyone’s safety. 


Your CRM software can also eliminate the need for physical manual data processing, which saves time for your sales and marketing teams to focus on clients and communication. In addition, your organization will recognize and nurture vulnerable existing customers, keeping them engaged with your brand. You can then optimize relationships with all current and potential clients; effectively building relationships through a safe, customer-focused approach. 


Your CRM technology also can help continue your operations throughout the social distancing era by maintaining positive client relationships via streamlined processes and procedures. With automated backups, mobile access, ease of use, security, safety, and personal care; CRM software will look after your clients during the coronavirus pandemic and well into the future. 


Additionally, mobile access allows your team to reach out to each other and your clients with ease from any location – at home, in the office, or anywhere on the go – regardless of changing circumstances or situations during the COVID-19 outbreak. Your CRM also provides a user-friendly interface while securing your clients’ sensitive data. Most importantly, a custom CRM delivers the effective, personal communication your clients want while also keeping them safe and providing the services and products they need. 


As your business works to communicate effectively with your clients while social distancing, a custom CRM system can help you rise above the challenges successfully. 

Contact UNIM today to learn how your business can move forward successfully during and beyond the coronavirus pandemic.