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Sep 7

Why You Should Personalize Your Emails

By: Tony Catone

Email marketing is a critical part of business in the digital world, but you want to make sure you do it right. Personalizing every email is a good start to ensure you’re connecting with clients and customers on a deeper level.

Make Connections

When you personalize a message to each individual, the recipient is more likely to read it, even if it’s just out of curiosity. In fact, a study from Experian found that personalized email campaigns have a 29 percent higher open rate and a 41 percent higher click rate than emails that aren’t personalized. Just imagine the difference personalization can make in your marketing strategy!

Boost Your Reputation

Emails that don’t include any personalized information are often considered spam. That’s because bots use this tactic, sometimes choosing the more generic “Dear Friend” route. As such, these emails are typically deleted because bot-sent messages can contain malware. When you personalize your email campaigns, you boost your business’ reputation and ease any worries that you’re spamming inboxes with harmful malware.

Put in More Effort

Customers like to see businesses put in more effort in order to grab their attention. When you personalize an email campaign, you’re showing recipients that you care about them individually and invite them to check out your products or services. People are less likely to be dismissive of your material when it’s personalized because they view it as better customer service overall.

Engage Users With Related Content

Once you’ve personalized your email campaigns, you can branch out into sending relevant content to the customers most likely to be interested. For example, if a customer recently purchased a camera bag, send a follow-up email pointing out the available photography accessories on your website.

There’s no doubt that you should personalize your emails, but where should you start? Enlist the help of the experts at UNIM to see your email marketing strategies take shape.