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Sep 11

Three Tips for Improving Company Culture

By: Tony Catone

A positive company culture is integral to employee satisfaction and productivity. Building a nurturing, positive culture is essential for business owners and managers.

Focus on Transparency

People don’t like being left in the dark. When you create a system of transparency, you build a culture of trust within your company. Send out a weekly newsletter discussing current business trends and the future goals of the company. Another good way to promote transparency is to add an online communication system for the company. Employees can chat with their managers and amongst each other while receiving up-to-date information from the company. When everyone feels included, they are more likely to help the company reach its goals.

Implement a Points and Rewards System

Encourage employees to motivate themselves and their team mates through a points and rewards system that acknowledges hard work and accomplishments. The rewards could be something small, such as a Starbuck’s gift card, extra vacation days, or even a free trip for the top producer or seller in the company. Rewarding people who accomplish goals within the organization helps motivate all employees to meet targets.

Consider Your Employees Your First Customers

When employees are happy, it shows, and they pay it forward to their clients. Some of the top companies in the world know that you have to treat your employees right to create a satisfied culture and increase productivity. If you can afford to pay your employees more, offer a pay raise or a bonus incentive program. If your business tends to slow down in the summer, consider offering employees the opportunity to leave early on Fridays. Treat your employees as you would treat your customers, and watch as your customers experience the benefits.

You don’t have to make huge changes in the workplace to build a positive company culture. Valuing your employees will improve your company culture, and in turn, optimize the efficiency of your company.