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Dec 15

Make Implementation a Breeze: Why the Best CRM Software Is User-Friendly

By: Tony Catone

The hardest part of buying even the best CRM software is implementation. We show you how choosing a custom build makes it user-friendly for your whole team.

Ninety-one percent of companies with 10 or more employees utilize CRM software. Why? Your relationship with your customers defines your success. And in today’s world, forging connections means making the most of customer relationship management software.

CRM software connects your staff and your existing and potential customers. You don’t need CRM software to succeed; you need it to stand any chance at competing.

There aren’t many secrets left when it comes to building connections with consumers. So how do you stand out when everyone uses CRM software? Enter the world of custom CRM software.

Custom-built CRM software maximizes your customer retention, improves your employees’ productivity, lowers your costs, and increases your software integration. If you’re ready to stand out from the pack and build your customer list like never before, let’s take a look at why your team needs a custom CRM build.

What Makes Custom CRM Software the Best CRM Software?

Well, several things. Custom CRM is unique to your needs. You’ll never find an off-the-shelf CRM that fits your company like a custom solution. Your custom build reflects what will help your company succeed.

Saving Money

Off-the-shelf CRMs come with all sorts of “features” that are only applicable in certain use cases. Some of the features might help you out but there’s a far greater chance that most features go unused.

This is one case where you don’t want to plan for the what-ifs. Think of the extra features as wasted money. You don’t want to pay for features you don’t need. Custom-built software only includes the features you need to pay for.

Improved Productivity

With too many features comes too many opportunities to learn useless information. CRMs usually integrate their features, meaning employees need to understand the entire program to use it efficiently.

Custom CRMs ensure that your employees work with a streamlined program that’s tailored to your businesses’ unique needs. Streamlined workflows mean time and money saved.

Software Integration

The best CRMs allow for integration with other software. CRMs should seamlessly connect into email marketing programs, SEO programs, address books, and anything in-between.

Custom CRMs let you choose which integrations are right for your business. You can tailor the CRM to work with whatever software you’re already using. Better integration with software can help increase your customer relationships.

Building Your Custom CRM

Don’t waste your time building your own custom CRM. Constructing a working CRM is difficult and requires people with specialized knowledge. Instead, consider hiring a third-party.

Our experts have built countless CRMs for countless companies. We have the knowledge to create a CRM that saves time, money, and helps your business grow. Let us help you on the road to success.