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Oct 17

How to Effectively Boost Employee Productivity

By: Lydia Adams

Managing a team of employees comes with a number of challenges, but measuring productivity is especially tricky. How do you know if your team is functioning at its highest capacity? Your management strategies can be tweaked in a few simple ways to potentially yield the results you’re looking for. Make sure your employees are more productive (and happier) by incorporating the following techniques into your management style.

  • Set clear expectations: One of the main culprits for substandard productivity is a lack of direction among your staff members. Direct communication is key, so make sure your methods of conveying your expectations are crystal-clear. Set firm deadlines, outline what steps you expect to happen, write down key goals and benchmarks, then provide meaningful feedback on the work. When there are fewer unknowns for your staff to figure out, they can get right down to work.
  • Provide better resources: If your employees are struggling to keep up with your productivity expectations, figure out which resources they need to get the job done. It could be more training, new equipment, or access to online resources. Make it your goal to meet their needs, or enlist a business management service to get your team up to speed.
  • Allow for some balance: Employees can’t be engrossed in their work for eight hours straight, five days a week. Even the most hardworking staff members need a break every once in a while. In fact, short breaks can improve brain function, so make sure your employees have the opportunity to relax and step away from their work when necessary, either alone or with the group.

These three simple steps could make a significant impact when it comes to employee productivity. Help your staff members be at their best by working with UNIM to improve the workplace and keep your employees happy and hardworking.