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Oct 24

How to Craft a More Effective CTA

By: Lydia Adams

Are you including a call-to-action (CTA) in your content? Though it may only be a sentence or two, a CTA is perhaps the most important part of your copy. However, there’s a fine line between an effective call-to-action and a salesy pitch that turns potential customers away. Here’s how to craft a more effective CTA that connects with customers and attracts new business.

  • Be instructive: One element your call-to-action absolutely needs is an instruction for the reader. Choose a verb that makes it clear how readers can act on the content they’re reading. Examples include “click,” “hire,” “join,” “learn,” “create,” etc. By including a simple, straightforward message, readers will know exactly what to do. You’re taking the guesswork out of the equation and giving them a clear path to take the next step.
  • Make it personal: Just saying “Act now” isn’t enough to get customers interested. Make sure your call to action includes details about how taking action will impact them in a positive way. Think about what benefits the customer could experience when using your product or working with your company, and lay out the details for them in an enticing and concise way. If you have a specific bonus offer, like a free eBook or a discount code, this is the perfect place to include it.
  • Add some urgency: Use words like “now,” “today,” or “limited time” in your CTA. Mentioning time somewhere in your CTA encourages readers to bypass their hesitation. A potential conversion can be lost when a reader thinks, “I’ll come back to this later.” Giving your CTA more urgency increases the chance that they’ll take the next step now rather than putting it off.

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