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Jan 15

How Can Custom CRM Software Improve Employee Productivity and Business Operations in 2019?

By: Tony Catone

Custom CRM Software

Are you looking to improve employee productivity and business operations in 2019? Of course, you are! Here’s how custom CRM software can help you do that.

Customer relationship management systems track important data, automate marketing and sales processes, and improve productivity. To most, they are ubiquitous – a necessary tool for the marketing and sales process.

According to a recent survey, companies that adopted at least 75% of their CRM system’s capabilities saw a “notable improvement in win rates and quota attainment.” Unfortunately, only 25.2% of respondents to that same survey said their CRM enhanced their productivity. Despite the clear benefits, not enough companies are using their CRMs to the fullest.

Part of the issue is the nature of the CRM market. There are hundreds of options available. But most of them aren’t customized for the unique businesses that utilize them.

If you’re thinking of adopting new CRM software, find out below how a custom solution can improve your business operations in 2019.

The Problem with On-Size-Fits-All CRMs

Most CRMs come with similar features:

  • Contact management
  • Lead management
  • Workflow management
  • Project management
  • Marketing automation
  • Email tracking
  • Social media management
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Task and deal automation

While all these features are essential for most businesses, most CRMs on the market offer little customization within the confines of their packages. They also include many add-on features that are unnecessary and expensive.

You may sign a year-long contract with a CRM vendor. You’ll get access to numerous features via the cloud. But it’s how you use those features that determine your return on investment.

Without the right customization, you won’t be able to implement the processes you need for the best possible ROI from your CRM.

How Does Custom CRM Software Improve Productivity?

Custom CRM software works differently.

Most of the CRMs on the market were designed with a specific industry in mind. Some transcend this standard, but they often include additional features other businesses don’t need.

For example, a CRM might come equipped with a built-in survey tool. Whether your business uses it or not, you’re still paying for it. Nobody wants to pay for a service they don’t use.

Less than 40% of businesses have a CRM adoption rate over 90%. That means employees aren’t using the CRM or they aren’t taking advantage of all the CRM’s features.

With a custom CRM solution, you only get the features you know you’ll use. This lets you save on costs while also gaining the productivity benefits you need. What’s more, since you’re only adopting key features, you’ll increase your adoption rate.

You’ll hear less about how “the old way” was better and more about how much more efficient your business operations have become.

How Does Custom CRM Software Work?

When you set up custom CRM software, you get a full suite of tools to make your business more productive. On the marketing site, you can set up automated SMS messaging, direct mail, and email. With integrated scheduling tools, triggers, and project templates, you can finally operate your business at maximum capacity.

But because it’s customized, it’s built for you. Your custom CRM vendor works with you to determine your needs and deliver a solution your entire team can use.

If you’re ready to turn your cumbersome business operations into an effective sales machine, contact Unim to learn about our custom-built CRM solutions.