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Dec 8

Biggest Takeaways from 2021 Deloitte Global Marketing Trends Report

By: Tony Catone


The coronavirus pandemic has consumed 2020, creating a new normal and forcing the business world to examine global marketing trends and the way consumers have adjusted their behavior. With the ongoing need for social distancing and other safety protocols, companies have adjusted allowing employees to work from home and implementing new guidelines for those who must be onsite to get the job done. Families and friends have made adjustments as well, moving from in person gatherings to virtual ones.


This year’s Deloitte Global Marketing Trends Report reflects these adjustments, as the world has been forced to re-evaluate values and humanity in an unprecedented period of crisis and uncertainty. The report found the human connection is more important than ever and human centric solutions in business are the pathway to the future. Let’s explore a few of the trends uncovered by Deloitte.

Deloitte’s Global Marketing Trends Report


With the second annual marketing trends report, Deloitte interviewed not only subject matter experts but also consumers and executives to determine how brands are responding to the pandemic. Their findings include a drop in confidence among C-suite executives in regard to influence and the ability to drive change in the age of COVID-19.


In addition, Deloitte found executives working to enhance efficiency as well as productivity thought human-centric efforts like improving societal impacts and enhancing customer engagement. Consumers responded to surveys saying they expected nothing less from brands with whom they do business. The conclusion, brands needs to be efficient to survive, but consumers demand more – a genuine human connection coupled with the effort to meet the needs of humanity.

Exploring the Global Marketing Trends and Takeaways 


Deloitte’s found the tends of the future to be purpose, agility, human experience, trust, participation, fusion, and talent. Today, let’s explore the biggest takeaways delving into the details of purpose, the human experience, and trust.


purpose is among the most important global marketing trends for 2021


With consumers looking for a genuine human connection, a company’s purpose becomes increasingly important. Businesses need to know the “why” of their existence and “who” they serve in order to grow in the future as a purpose-driven company. The “why” becomes the center of the organization and all it does; the “why” is not limited by the products or services currently being sold by the brand.


The purpose generates accountability and a clear sightline to measure progress. With a singular and clear purpose, companies inevitability gain the attention of consumers. To that point, the Deloitte consumer survey results reported that, “79 percent recall certain brands positively responding to COVID-19 by helping their customers, workforces, and communities.”


Consumers are watching brand’s responses to the pandemic closely and altering buying habits in response. Purpose-driven companies have the unique ability to gain greater public trust and the potential to change the world.

Human Experience

human experience is among the most important global marketing trends for 2021


Businesses and organizations need to be more human, balancing efficiency with fast responses to meet the needs of consumers. Companies who view themselves as human can more effectively support the consumers they seek to serve. The human experience cannot be removed from the process just to make a business more efficient. The human connection has to be a part of the equation, with company values reflecting the values of  not only consumers but also employees and partners.


Values motivate emotions which drive actions, including purchasing which makes it crucial for an organization’s consumer solutions to be based in human values. In order to enhance the human experience, companies need to address human needs, innovating for positive intentions and following through with actions to become champions of humanity. 


trust is among the most important global marketing trends for 2021


Consumers want to see authenticity in the brands with whom they do business and this means ensuring both a consistent message and delivery. Trust goes hand in hand with purpose and the human experience, as they are based in what humanity values. From the standpoint of consumers – trust means a company delivers on the promises they make. Not only must brand messaging align with values of consumers and employees, but company actions must align with that messaging.


During the COVID-19 crisis, Deloitte found among consumers, “66 percent of respondents were able to recall when brands acted in self-interest—such as raising prices on essential items” and those consumers “walked away from the brand in question.” Trust is the key to avoiding these scenarios by maintaining a positive reputation, aligning with consumer values, and delivering on brand promises. 


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