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Sep 20

4 Tips for Implementing New Technology

By: Tony Catone

Implementing new technologies in your organization can be complicated. Users need to undergo extensive training, and you’ll need to identify potential problems and consult with employees before making the switch. Knowing how to introduce new technology is key to pulling off the transition with less hassle.

Brainstorm Solutions

Identifying potential issues with new technologies is important because it gives you plenty of time to brainstorm effective solutions. Investigate how the new technology might impact the organization as a whole, including how employees, supervisors, and stakeholders will accept the changes. Highlight the best ideas and incorporate them into your solutions so you can facilitate a smoother introduction when the time comes.


When planning to make a technological shift in your business, focus on collaborative planning. When your employees are well-informed of the upcoming changes, they’re more likely to accept them, especially when they’re given a platform to voice their own input. Be open to employee opinions because workers know how to carry out specific tasks and can offer deeper insight.

Incorporate Training Into Implementation

When it’s time to implement the new technology, don’t just throw your employees into the ring and expect them to know what they’re doing. Innovative solutions often require extensive training, so start holding employee meetings early in the planning stages. Then, when the new technology arrives, get employees involved in the process. Hold training workshops, invite employees to set up and maintain their own systems, and get the entire organization involved.

Evaluate the Outcome

Once you’ve introduced the technology, see how it’s performing. Note any issues and identify problems, and be open to employee feedback. Deal with individual concerns as they crop up and continue to motivate employees to improve the company’s performance.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to implementing new technologies in business. Contact UNIM to help you optimize opportunities and provide live training sessions that prepare your team to make the switch.