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Jul 18

3 Productivity Hacks for Your Company

By: Tony Catone

Productivity is a key phrase for today’s businesses, but many workers are at a loss as to how to really achieve it. If you’re concerned about wasted hours and lackluster business efforts, try implementing these smart business strategies within your company.

Cap Meetings at 30 Minutes

Does your company make ample use of its meeting room, scheduling long sit-downs that can stretch out over hours of coffee, donuts, and discussion? Set your standard meeting length to 30 minutes for all internal activities. Ask for justification for any meeting that’s given more than this allotted time slot. Slashing your meeting time can free up hours that were previously wasted simply because people stuck to the more traditional hour-long meeting schedule and dawdled enough to fill that time.

Use Custom Software Solutions

Stop forcing your employees to make do with software that’s not a perfect fit for their needs. If you have people using inefficient workarounds to make an application do something it’s not made for, you’ll end up wasting time and effort that you could spend on furthering your goals. Work with a provider who will craft applications to fit your needs for enhanced productivity in any area.

Train Your Employees to Use Time Better

Designate a productivity guru within your company and task them with hosting quarterly seminars that offer fresh time management techniques. There are dozens of popular methods out there, from the Pomodoro Technique of performing work in 25-minute blocks, to Stephen Covey’s time management matrix. Teach your employees how to implement these systems so they’re equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to improve their productivity.

If you’re looking for a company-wide productivity hack that will help you maximize your resources, streamline workflow, and get more done, check out the software solutions available from UNIM. Tailored to your needs, these smart products will find the best way to boost productivity for your business.